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Le CRITT-MDTS réalise des prestations et conduit des programmes de recherche industrielle appliquée pour les PME/PMI régionales, françaises ou européennes dans différents domaines technologiques spécifiques tels que :

  • material characterisation,

  • surface treatments and coatings;

  • surface characterisation.

The CRITT-MDTS in the TEXTOS project :

  •  Carry out surface activation treatments on the fibres and matrix by plasma at atmospheric or partial pressure;

  • Characterize the surfaces by XPS analyses for the modification of the chemistry of these surfaces and the interface by measuring the adhesion at the macromolecular scale by nano scratch test on the final composite.

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Centexbel is the scientific and technical centre of the Belgian textile industry founded in 1950 to ensure and strengthen the competitiveness of the textile industry. Our accredited and well-equipped laboratories offer a complete range of textile analyses while supporting Centexbel's and industry's R&D activities, and Centexbel offers services including training, certification and patent research. Technology platforms, pilot lines and technological consultancy are also made available to research and industry.

Centexbel in the TEXTOS project :

  • Produce the textile support allowing cell growth and differentiation of these cells;

  • Study the mechanical strength of finished textile parts.

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Biomaterials and inflammation in bone site  - bios

BIOS dental and orthopaedic clinicians, biologists and biomechanics have been involved in the biology and reconstruction of bone tissue for over a decade. The team has specialized in the development and optimization of conditions, both at the cellular and structural level, of matrices capable of promoting optimal bone regeneration.

The BIOS team aims to provide surgeons and clinicians in university hospitals, particularly in Traumatology and Orthopaedics or Dentistry, private sector surgeons, with bone substitutes that can repair injured bones.

 BIOS in the TEXTOS project :

  • Test the different textile supports for their ability to support cell growth;

  • Study the biocompatibility of these scaffolds.

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The Polymer and Composite Materials Department (SMPC), created in 1997 at the University of Mons, has world-renowned expertise in the preparation of (nano)composite materials, the development of sustainable strategies (solvent-free processes), the design and structuring of polymer materials and an understanding of the structure-activity relationship of the resulting materials. 

In addition, it has a state-of-the-art technological platform offering the necessary tools for the preparation, characterization, shaping and future of the materials produced: Biopolymers and reactive extrusion, Polymer blends and (nano)composite materials, Controlled synthesis and biomedical applications, Energy. 

Within the framework of this project, the SMPC will be responsible for the stages of implementation of biopolymers, whether or not they are additive to bioceramics, and their thermomechanical characterizations.