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The general objective is to develop an innovative 3D matrix for tissue engineering to reconstruct, regenerate or replace the function of deficient tissues or organs. This matrix will constitute a growth support composed of natural polymers. The originality of this project is in the preparation of a two-component, biocompatible and porous sterilized support obtained using a knitting process and ready to use. This material will consist of poly(lactic-co-glycolicacid) (PLGA) as a substrate (providing mechanical function) and chitosan as a surface coating (for biofunctionalization)

The challenges in this project are many. First, a scientific and technical challenge aimed at creating an innovative product at the crossroads of the biotechnology and agri-resources sectors. The second is the maturation of the tissue engineered product, starting from the concept towards the realization of an operational prototype validated in preoperative condition; a key step for the valorization of the product with companies.
All these challenges will be addressed within a consortium bringing together the various complementary areas of expertise belonging to the cross-border area.

the textos approach

The research and development activities that will be undertaken to carry out this project are:

• setting up a new PLGA yarn,
the coating of these yarns with chitosan and/or the resulting textile structure,
• knitting of a 3D matrix,
its use in bone reconstruction.

The communication actions, which will be implemented jointly throughout the project, integrate different media for the dissemination of information, event organisation and dissemination to companies.

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