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Development of a biofunctional matrix for tissue regeneration

Advances in tissue engineering in regenerative medicine depend on the development of "intelligent" materials from various origins that actively participate in the formation of the new functional tissue, and one of the current challenges is to overcome the limitations of biological tissue substitution. 

None of the materials used for tissue repair fully meet the required specifications, namely to have both structural properties adapted to the expected function and surface properties that guarantee the establishment of positive relationships at the material-to-fabric interface. 

The aim of the TEXTOS project is to create a hybrid "matrix" combining the two functions: structure and bioactivity to meet the mechanical requirements of biological tissue, as well as the biological requirements necessary for proper tissue regeneration. 

The advantages of typical textile processes in the TEXTOS project lie in the possibility of designing supports specific to the fabric to be repaired by modulating different shaping parameters (architectural structure of the matrix, number of layers, macroscopic porosity by mesh size, mechanical strength by tension and fibre interweaving). In addition, and unlike current manufacturing processes, our approach will preserve the biological, mechanical and physicochemical properties of the matrix material, which is a definite advantage.

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